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Whether you are just starting the process of looking for a home and need to see what you can afford, or are under contract and need to close in 15 days, Dominion can get the job done!!!


"Credit" has become the single most important item in the process of qualifying for a mortgage loan.   Knowing your "credit score" and how it compares to other borrowers is a critical step in applying for a mortgage.   Credit scores are based not only on the timeliness of your mortgage payments, but also what type of debt you have, the history of having those payments and the size of debt compared to your income all come into play in establishing how likey you are going be in affording a mortgage payment.


Like it or not, FICO scores drive the mortgage industry.   Dominion can help you maximize your credit ratings, thus achieving the highest FICO scores, and therefore the lowest mortgage rates available.

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