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Highly experienced and trained loan officers, and over 5,000 clients in the last 25 years, Dominion is the right choice for all of your major financing needs. Now, more than ever, you need a trusted financial health partner

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We are highly experienced and trained loan officers with over 5,000 clients in the last 25 years. Dominion is the right choice for all of your major financing needs. At Dominion, we help our clients maximize their financial health! Right now more than ever, getting the right financing requires preparation, skill, experience, and access to the best lenders. Let Dominion go to work for you!!!

Clarinda Finch

Clarinda Finch

Clarinda has been a key employee of Dominion Mortgage from the day we opened our doors in July of 1993.    As a second generation loan processor, Clarinda’s knowledge and organizational skills have been a key component of Dominion’s success over the years.   "i was trained when computer processing programs consisted of a calculator and a piece of paper.   It stays with you when you do it by hand!"   When someone in the office has a question, they will simply ask Clarinda.    If it has been done before, likely Clarinda will have the guidelines memorized or at her fingertips.     Like a fine watch, she keeps Dominion files closing on time!

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